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Integrate award-winning digital KYC/AML solution to

  • Seamlessly onboard real customers
  • Combat identity thieves and fraudsters
  • Comply with KYC/AML laws mandates
  • Reduce manual verification costs

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Global identity verification solutions
amplifying your business growth

Integrate Shufti Pro’s AI-powered KYC/AML solutions
and move towards a risk-free business

Document Verification

Swift verification of identity
documents with evidence

  • Fake and forged ID documents identification
  • Seamless onboarding of legitimate customers
  • Customer’s age and nationality verification

With AI-powered document verification, know the true identity of
users before onboarding them. Reduce customer abandonment
rate upto 80% and build brand loyalty. Shufti Pro supports

3000+ ID documents | In 150+ languages | In 230+ countries and territories

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Address Verification

Authentic proof of residency
with verified user address

  • Risk-free business flows
  • Shipping scams elimination
  • Chargebacks fraud prevention

Shufti Pro’s address validation solution employs template
matching techniques to validate a user’s address by comparing
it to the information present on their address document.

Partial address match | Exact address match | Global document support

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Face Verification

Fastest selfie-base verification
for stronger authentication

  • In-persons security check elimination
  • Spoof attacks detection with AI checks
  • Fraud prevention with face identification

Employ face recognition solution to screen high-volume
customer profiles on online platforms and ensure remote
presence of users at time of verification. Now onboard
customers with no room for identity fraud.

Liveness detection | Anti-spoofing checks | Definitive results

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Facial Biometric Authentication

Simple selfie authentication
catering to ongoing KYC

  • Selfie logins for identity access management
  • Transaction authentication via face biometrics
  • Ongoing KYC through face authentication

Shufti Pro integrates 3D liveness detection to securely
authenticate remote presence of users, and reduce
frictions and delays in IDV process.

Social sign-ups | Airport security clearance | Self check-ins

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Consent Verification

Biometric consent replacing
outdated ‘I agree’ checkboxes

  • Swift user approval through selfie note
  • EDD for high-risk transactions
  • Obsolete age check replacement

Shufti Pro combines facial recognition and handwritten/
printed consent note to take real-time biometric consent
from users. Verify an individual’s true identity, prevent
chargeback fraud and safeguard brand reputation.

Identity proofing | Replace outdated checkbox | Liveness detection

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2 Factor Authentication

Backing passwords to prevent
unauthorized account access

  • Sign-in security enhancement
  • Detect phishing attempts
  • Identity theft protection

Enable multi-layered security for your user. Double check
login attempts to authorize access. With Shufti Pro’s 2FA
service, ensure data security, avoid phishing attacks and
malware activity.

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NFC Verification

Reading user’s data with a
single tap for ID verification

  • 100% IDV process automation
  • Mobile customer onboarding in seconds
  • Utmost fraud detection and prevention

Quickly onboard your customers with NFC verification
solution that authenticates user identity through
modern chip-based identity documents. Integrate
NFC verification and omit spoof attacks intelligently.

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AML Screening

Global screening of entities to
prevent financial crime

  • Effective KYC/AML Compliance
  • Risk-free customer onboarding
  • UBOs background checking

Integrate AML solutions for user and business screening
against frequently updated global AML databases within
seconds. Shufti Pro screens entities against databases of
1700+ criminal watchlists, sanction lists, and PEPs lists.

Batch screening | Ongoing AML | Fully-automated screening

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Corporate Verification – KYB

Business verification for
risk-free B2B relationships

  • Real-time business verification
  • Company information report generation
  • Effortless regulatory compliance

Identify shell and suspicious organizations before tying
the business relation and stay ahead of fraudsters with
KYB solution. Shufti Pro screens business against 140+
Global commercial registers & Jurisdictions

Easy API integration | 200 million companies data | Verification in seconds

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On-premises ID Verification

In-house deployed IDV solution
for data-sensitive industries

  • Automated customer onboarding
  • Data protection and security enhancement
  • Effective KYC/AML compliance

With on-premises IDV solution, verify users and onboard
legitimate customers only while having complete control
over users’ data. Shufti Pro helps business practice
effortless KYC/AML compliance anywhere in the world.

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Digital COVID Pass

Instant AI-powered COVID
test authentication for
security clearance

  • Quick COVID-free passenger onboarding
  • Information verification through lab portal
  • Manipulated QR code detection

With Digital COVID Pass solution, perform ID
verification and COVID test authentication in a go.
Shufti Pro incorporates AI technology automating
the process. No integration or installation required.

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Success that can
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Upgrading your verification
game with futuristic features

  • 1000+ AI models to automate the IDV process
  • Automated data extraction through OCR technology
  • Hybrid technology synergizing HI and AI for accurate results
  • Proof of verification for future audits
  • 7-day free trial to let you explore the services
  • Hosted page verification (HVP) for virtually customized solution
  • Multiple integration option catering to your technical needs
  • GDPR and PCI compliant solution for enhanced data protection

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